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Derksen Portable Cabins
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Texas Portable Cabins from Derksen

Derksen Portable Buildings is not a native Texas company.

The Derksen headquarters are in Hickory Kentucky. Derksen has a strong presence in the state of Texas, and manufactures buildings here, so while it may not be a Texas business, they do provide jobs for Texans.

There is nothing wrong with that!

Derksen has portable cabins available in a variety of sizes and configurations from small storage sheds to large cabins suitable for living. Derksen sells portable cabins in pretty much every area of Texas, so there is a dealer near you.

Derksen portable cabin dealers in Texas

An alphabetized city listing of Derksen Texas portable cabin dealers:

Derksen Portable Buildings 760 Westbrook Road Hickory, KY 42051

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